How to Succeed With Events With Consistent Marketing Campaigns

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When it comes to marketing an event, consistency is crucial. Using the same social media handles or hashtags for every campaign will help to build your brand and avoid fragmented social media marketing efforts. To illustrate this point, take a look at the hashtags used for Content Marketing World, an annual conference held in Cleveland. They use the simple hashtag #CMWorld, which also acts as a secondary theme.

Event branding

Developing a strong brand is essential to success, and that means creating and maintaining consistent marketing campaigns across all events. From brochures to signage, from tickets to exhibitor materials, you’ll want to be sure to stay true to your brand in order to gain a consistent audience. In addition to developing a strong brand, you should develop a unique name for your event and stick to it. Make sure your name is easily remembered and matches the values of your parent company.

Email marketing

To get the most out of your marketing campaigns, it is important to create and follow an effective frequency, which is the number of times that your message must be heard before you see an action, such as buying a ticket or inquiring about exhibiting at your event in India. If you are not sure of this number, the rule of seven is often used. If you want to follow the rule of seven, consider creating a private Facebook group for your event. Here’s why:


To succeed with livestreaming for business, you need to know who your target audience is. Once you know this, you can choose the best marketing strategy for your live stream. You can also advertise your live stream on the same platform where your target audience is active. Value-added content will help you establish your credibility and establish a strong connection with your followers. For example, Guy Kawasaki’s live stream is promoted on his social media pages through customized cover photos.

Social media

Your event marketing strategy will be most effective if you’re able to connect with attendees before, during, and after the event. By reaching out to existing attendees, you can provide them with incentives or discounts to bring friends and colleagues to your next event. Additionally, you should reach out to event sponsors, vendors, and media partners. Reaching out to these groups before the event launches is an important step in event marketing, so make sure to follow up with them as soon as you release ticket prices.


In addition to the event itself, it is important to promote the event through multiple channels, and you should plan for multiple touch points, far more than you might initially think. A strong message will build trust with potential exhibitors, attendees, and sponsors, as well as provide a reminder to those interested in the event. You should make sure that your website and social media presence are visible to potential attendees, and use pop-ins for complimentary items.

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