The Best Tips and Tricks to Learn German

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If you want to learn German, these tips and tricks will help you get started. Using spaced repetition and mnemonics are great ways to learn a new language. In addition, you can change the language on your computer’s interface. You should also change the way you think to improve your pronunciation. In this way, you’ll have a better chance of understanding what is being said in German conversations.

Spaced repetition

One of the most time-consuming and effective spaced repetition methods is the process of reviewing the same information over again at the optimal intervals. It requires a commitment to the process but also ensures that you have enough time to learn the material. The first time you study something, you go over the highlights, review any questions, and read any supplementary material. This will save you time during the subsequent repetitions.


Most people who learn a new language often make mistakes with their pronunciation. To help you avoid mispronunciation, here are a few tips for learning German: Pronunciation is very important, so practice as much as possible. German words often start with the letter “t” and end with the letter “e”. Pronunciating these sounds correctly is essential for a better understanding of the language. In addition, remember that the “t” in English is a silent sound.

Using mnemonics

Using mnemonics to learn a new language is a good way to help yourself remember difficult terms and concepts. It’s also a great way to reframe confusing vocabulary and concepts. For instance, if you’re having a hard time remembering prepositions, mnemonics can help you keep track of them by reversing the meaning. They also make learning a new language easier.

Changing your interface language on your computer

Changing your interface language on your computer is easy, especially for Mac users. You can do this during the installation process, and many programs are available in multiple languages. Other programs, such as Skype, require an individual review. One way to change your interface language is to change the language of your profile on Facebook. This way, you can practice speaking German with a program you already have installed. It is also easier to read online content, such as articles written in German.

Learning with a native speaker

While it may seem that speaking a language you are unfamiliar with is a daunting task, you can benefit from the fact that the majority of words in German have the same pronunciation. If you can memorize the differences, you’ll have an easier time applying these similarities to new situations. Likewise, many German words are similar to those in English, making them good memory hooks. Aside from the similarities in vocabulary and sentence structure, you will find that German sentences are generally easier to understand and use than English sentences.

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